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Chalky Vintage Shabby Chic Starter Kit
Chalky Vintage is a matt and trendy chalk look with excellent opacity for designing vintage decorations in a shabby chic look. Paint old furniture, glassware and flea market finds. The kit includes: ..
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Chalky Vintage Winter Starter Kit
Use this starter kit of chalky paints to create an enchanting shabby chic look with a nordic feel. The set includes: 5 x Chalky Vintage Look paints 90ml, white, cappuccino, brick red, grey, smo..
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Viva Decor Acrylic Blocks - set of 3
Acrylic Block Set of 3 Reusable stamping blocks with easy to see alignment guides. Ergonomically shaped edges and the larger block has a sturdy handle to ensure safe handling. Contents: 1 x 13 x..
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Viva Decor Flexible Stencil Memories and Vintage
A flexible stencil from Viva Decor with the words "Memories" and "Vintage" They are reusable self-adhesive, removable and re-Flex stencils, which have optimal adhesion to paper...
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Viva Decor Stencil - Branch of Magnolia
An A3 size stencil featuring magnolia branches, a magnolia blossom and a hummingbird. Fantastic for larger home decor projects and outdoor projects. Use with paints, inks and other mediums. Appr..
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Viva Decor Water Tank Brush Set
Water tank brush set. 3 water tank brushes in different sizes for coloring paper with ink or watercolor. To fill the tank unscrew and top up, dip the pen into a glass of water so that its fully ..
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