DecoArt Media - Interference Turquoise

DecoArt Media - Interference Turquoise
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DecoArt Media Interference Turquoise Paint is an amazing product! It looks white in the bottle, but when you paint it onto a surface and it starts to dry, you see something magical happen - it becomes transluscent and changes appearance depending on how the light refracts off it - rather like the wings of a butterfly - clever stuff!

The description provided by DecoArt is as follows:

"Media Interference Fluid Acrylics shift in colour and appearance depending upon the light, viewing angle and colour of the surface on which they are applied.

When applied over a dark colour you will see more opalescent colour and less of the colour shift. When applied over a light colour you will see a sheer opalescent colour but more of the colour shift. Thin applications in a wash or glaze increase the visual interference effects."

We love anything with hidden talents and this DecoArt Media Interference Green Paint is no exception! It works amazingly well on its own or on top of other colours to add another dimension to your mixed media craft projects.

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